Coaster set  , Cocodile Rock , Millport   (Free pp UK)

Coaster set , Cocodile Rock , Millport (Free pp UK)

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A stunning set of coasters from my Crocodile Rock , Millport painting. 

Crocodile Rock is a long term painted large suitably crocodile head shaped rock on the beach in Millport. Millport is the main town small on the small island situated just of Cumbrae just off the Ayrshire Coast.

I often go to Millport with my youngest  daughter (12)  on our bikes during the summer for the day and a cycle around this small island. It usually  ends up with me enjoying sitting on the promenade enjoying a coffee watching her climbing on  the crocodile rock, Crocodile Rock appears to me to be a wee natural meeting place for children visiting Millport for the day so there is always a friend to be made if your a child . She appears in the painting  and is the figure on the right walking towards the crocodile rock.

The painting is an idyllic painting on a warm summers day with children doing what they have done for generations climbing on the crocodile rock and enjoying a day away at the beach on Millport as their mums and dads did before them. 


Square 90 x 90 mm compressed wood with an attractive gloss finish on image face