About the Artist

From a family with a background of artists going back generations i had natural artistic ability from the beginning. Having taken up a non art related long term career always  tried to make some time where possible to pursue my artistic ambitions as a hobby.  During those years I  attended Glasgow School of Art evening classes for four years where i studied and practiced oil painting and developed in that area of art under a couple of amazing Scottish artist/lecturers.

I was also member of Paisley Artist institute where i exhibited large works in their annual exhibitions. I also submitted work to national Scottish Artist Exhibition where my large work was accepted via panel selection and was exhibited in the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh in the main gallery hall.

Having taken the opportunity later to change careers i pushed myself into my art career and now have established myself as a full time artist and have built up a fantastic loyal customer base and some very good commercial customers to whom i supply art products. I have developed myself as an artist over the years and as a result  my work is much more colourful and vibrant which seems to  hit the mark with online followers and   customers at my weekend art stall at Merchant Square in Glasgow. ( Currently covid Closed )

My favourite painting subject matter at present is landscapes featuring  the  Scottish highlands and islands where my cycle travels take me especially Arran. I also paint the occasional cityscapes of Glasgow  .

I hope to push my artwork to new levels , reach some personal targets and  break through some  boundaries in the process as i have so many ideas in my head with new styles and approaches. There are so many new images bouncing about in my in head of paintings i have yet to paint . 

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